The Most Common IT Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In many small to medium businesses, there are often more tasks to be done than staff to manage them; unfortunately, this can mean that important IT related factors might be overlooked. In these modern times where technology is likely to be at the heart of businesses, it is of great importance to ensure that costly and detrimental mistakes be avoided. According to this AT&T poll, 66% of small businesses would not be able to survive without having a competent IT department.

In this article, we will explore some of the most common IT mistakes made, and the ways to overcome them to ensure the flawless functioning of your business technology.

Not Having Adequate Technical Support

Even though, as previously stated, two-thirds of small business are dependent on having IT support for their proper functioning, there is a tremendous lack of professional tech support services being made use of among businesses.

According to this survey taken in by the NSBA, 40% of small businesses claim to handle any tech issues themselves without the assistance of trained staff, while only 32% have at least one in-house IT trained staff member and 24% make use of an outsourced company.

A large number of those who choose to manage tech support by themselves simply don’t have the adequate knowledge and resources to handle and alleviate some of the major IT problems that a business can face, the result being that even a relatively minor issue could cause a business to cease functioning properly.

Although, as a small business owner, you may not feel that you have the finances in place to hire an IT specialist, it is certainly in your best interest to do so. By having qualified tech support on retainer, your business will have a more cost-effective and profitable operation, as company time will not be wasted by tech issues.

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Not Having Proper Resources in Place

Some businesses do understand the importance of professional technical support, but they feel like they don’t have the resources to hire an IT professional full-time staff member; naturally they are among the 40% of business owners who choose to handle all IT related issues themselves. Because of that, in the event if a technological failure, they end up losing valuable time and even potentially losing clients as they struggle to fix the issue themselves without having the proper resources.

If necessary, it is of more benefit to cut costs in other areas of your business in order to have appropriate tech support available, in the event if a major problem. There are also resources available through social media platforms, and free software available online. Having the right tools available can make the difference between facing potential disaster because of a technical problem and successfully fixing it.

Not Having Sufficient Protection

Protection, whether it be software-related or physical, is one of the most important things to consider for the seamless and efficient, incident-free running of technology in a business. It is noted that while 94% of small business owners do concern themselves with cybersecurity, many of them do not have adequate protection for the devices and software they use every day in their businesses.

Both physical and online protection is integral to the success of your business; an unexpected power surge or voltage can render expensive equipment to be beyond repair. Similarly, a single hacker can wreak damage by stealing sensitive credit information, or a dangerous virus and a single virus can cause severe delays and possibly result in losing clients. Therefore, it is of vital importance that every business have sufficient protection for their assets and clients against both physical and online threats.

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Inadequate Employee Tech Training

Apart from the problem of businesses not having adequate tech support, many business also face the issue of their staff possibly having inadequate training. The average employee is likely to only have familiarity with around 20% of the software they use on a daily basis, which means that most time-saving and cost-effective features could potentially be going unused. Further to this problem, a large number of technical issues could be avoided if employees had sufficient training on the software and equipment they are using.

Businesses that wish to improve their overall efficiency and reduce issues relating to technology should invest in the time and effort to provide proper tech training to their staff. With regular meetings, detailed instruction manuals, computer based training and incentivised learning, one will be able to provide their staff with the ability to mitigate IT related hassles.

Not Having Proper Backup Strategies

Most companies rely on technology for the organisation and protection of their information; while most business owners understand that having a backup strategy is important, they might not be aware if their current strategy will be successful in protecting their valuable data.

This commonly occuring mistake can be easily avoided; there are a wide variety of proven and trusted backup options available. By working with knowledgeable IT consultants, businesses can quickly and competently determine exactly how to protect their data from loss, and then initialise a strategy that suits their specific budget and company needs.

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