Most Useful Free Tools for IT Professionals


No matter what kind of work you do while in front of the computer, whether it is be programming or graphic design, there will always be a variety of tools that will come in handy. Having powerful and useful tools at your disposal will make tasks much easier and quicker to perform, potentially even saving you money. The best part of all, is that all of the tools provided here are free to use.


Recuva is a fantastic tool for recovering deleted data from any random-access storage devices that use a supported file system; these include internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives and memory cards. The software works by recovering any lost directory structure and can automatically rename files when two files of the same name are found.


Eraser is an app that works as the exact opposite of data recovery tools, its purpose is to delete sensitive data so that it is impossible to ever possibly recover.

This software was created for the Windows operating system and works by overwriting the selected files several times with a specially selected algorithm.


LastPass is a password manager for securely storing login details in one place. The software has the ability to generate new passwords, and all passwords stored are automatically encrypted on to the local device. When a user needs to log into a website, LastPass will automatically fill in the require details.

The free version of the software offers password manage for a single device, while the paid-for premium version can store password across multiple devices, and also provides a security dashboard.


Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor, and it suitable for the Windows, MacOS X and Linux platforms. It offers a large toolset of features for computer-aided drawing and is useful in the creation and editing of logos, cartoons, diagrams, typography and flowcharts, among others.


Audacity is an open-source, multi-track audio editor and recorder software, suitable for Windows, MacOS X, Linux as well as several other operating systems. The software contains features that both professional and newcomers will certainly appreciate, such as the ability to record live audio from a mixing board or microphone, make digital recordings of cassettes and records, capture streaming audio from a sound card, and create file recordings in many different formats.


IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a software platform that connects apps, devices and services from different providers, with the ability to trigger automated operations involving those apps, devices and services.

For example, IFTTT can be set up so that recorded voice notes from your meeting can automatically be emailed to other people. There are millions of possible connections that can be made between apps, and are limited only by your imagination.


Rufus is a lightweight tool for creating bootable USB drives; specifically it can create a bootable drive from an ISO image. It has the ability to work with legacy BIOS and UEFI installations, and can support Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. In short, this tool is indispensable when it comes to reinstalling an operating system from a USB drive.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free program used for photo retouching and image composition. There are numerous plugins that can be added to boost the functionality of an already impressive array of features. While it may not boast as many features as Photoshop, but it is certainly the best image editor software option that is freely available.

GIMP was initially created for the UNIX platform, but is fully compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.


While Notepad++ can serve as a replacement for the Notepad application that comes with Windows, it is capable of so much more functionality. Notepad++ can support numerous programming languages as well as useful features such as advanced search and replace, running macros, section grouping and supports automated routines.


Speccy is an amazing application that can give you detailed statistics on every component inside your computer. An especially useful feature is that the temperature of the CPU, motherboard and graphics card can be monitored in real time, and thus can possibly prevent overheating problems before they occur.

Unfortunately Speccy is only available for computers running Windows XP or later, and does not yet support Mac OS or Linux.

It goes without saying that having the right tools for the job can make any task much simpler. Regarding remote connection software, AeroAdmin’s remote desktop connection is one of the best options around.

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