Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Choosing the right tool is always an outmost important for everyone. For example, having to choose which is the best remote desktop software or even having to choose the best WordPress plugin is important. There are more than 50 000 WordPress plugins available, the sheer number of plugins can be overwhelming and can raise uncertainly over which plugins are the most stable and secure. It is also important not to overburden a website with too many plugins, as this can have a negative effect on the site’s performance. This article will illustrate some of the best options for business websites, while keeping the overall number of plugins needed to a minimum.


It is important for websites to feature a contact form interface, as a means for visitors to get in touch. WPForms stands out from its competitors in that it offers many useful features, such as conversational forms, form landing pages, user journey tracking, form abandonment, geolocation tracking, GDPR friendly, custom WordPress user registration and custom login forms.


While there is a lot that can be done to increase the amount of traffic to your website, the single most powerful tool to increase your SEO performance is YoastSEO. It can help with adding meta tags, generating sitemaps, connecting your site to Google Search Console, optimizing your website for social media. It can also It also detect a change of URLs and create auto-redirects, so you don’t have to worry about any broken links on your website.


The MemberPress plugin provides a simple way to set up membership sites, online courses and community driven forums. A major advantage of this plugin is that you can create subscriptions and restrict content access to users based on their subscription plans.


This plugin set up automatic backups and safely store them on a remote location like Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, Rackspace, FTP and email. It is critically important to always have regular backups of your website available to prepare for any worst case scenario, and having an automated process to handle this will make website maintenance much simpler.


It goes without saying that website security should be the top priority for administrators; therefore it makes sense to use the best plugins available for your website. Securi offers a plugin with an embedded firewall that can protect your website from DDoS, malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, and essentially any other type of attack.

Uncanny Automator

Software developers and enthusiasts may be familiar with IFTTT, the software app for linking various conditional statements.  Uncanny Automator is a WordPress plugin for providing the same functionality to a website, and allows you to connect your existing WordPress plugins to work together without needing to have coding experience.


It is important for business websites to convert every possible visitor into a subscriber or customer, as this is the key to generating revenue. OptinMonster is the most popular conversion rate optimization software in the market; it allows you to convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers and customers.

The plugin offers hundreds of templates to create WordPress popups, slide-ins, announcement bars and full screen welcome mats to capture the website visitors’ attention.


There is often a need to create new content on web pages quickly, but without the fuss of need to code the new content and controls specifically.

SeedProd enables administrators to quickly put a new web page together using simple drag and drop functionality, using smart sections with pre-programmed layouts, and templates available for coming soon, maintenance mode and error pages.

W3 Total Cache

When developing a commercial or business website, it is important that overall performance and page load times remain good. This can be achieved by caching website resources and reduce resource file sizes using minification. One of the best plugins available for optimization is W3 Total Cache, as it works to optimize every aspect of the website, whether it is hosted on a shared hosting service or on a dedicated server.


Business websites often need to provide information in multiple languages, but the maintenance of the additional content required for the additional languages can be a challenge. The WPML plugin allows you to translate your posts, pages, and custom post types. WPML takes care of all multilingual SEO and is designed to work seamlessly with other popular SEO plugins. There is no limit to the number of languages you can use with WPML.


If you intend to set up an e-commerce website, this is the go-to plugin. In fact, approximately 42% of all e-commerce stores make use of this plugin. It allows you to easily set up an online store, configure products, shipping costs, taxes, payment options and much more.

Smart Slider 3

While there are several plugins for building banners available, Smart Slider 3 is one of the most intuitive and easiest to use. There are many options to customize the layout of your banner exactly as you want it to look and perform. It is even possible to add multiple layers to the banners to enable animation and advanced transitions.

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