The Best Programming Language to Learn in 2020


In these modern times where technology progresses very quickly, it is beneficial to learn to understand programming code. Being able to know how to code or even read programming code is a worthy achievement rather than not knowing at all.

Usually, newbie software developers do not know which programming language to learn first to make sure that they would be able to cover and code what they need.

The good news is that as you develop and start your career as a software developer, you will be able to learn different programming language based on your role or on what you want to do. Are you into wanting to create a mobile apps that could be used for iOS and Android? Are you into creating a programs for desktops like remote desktop software?

A list from shows the most common languages being used in 2020, with use cases including web development, mobile development, game development, and more.

Here is a list of Programming Languages that are most commonly used in 2020 according to It is divided into different categories such as Front-end web development, Back-end web development, Mobile development, Game development, Desktop applications, and Systems Programming.


One of the most common programming language for a software developer theses days is none other than JavaScript. According to StackOverflow’s 2019 Developer Survey, it is the most popular language for 7 straight years now. Nearly 70% of respondents reported that they have used JavaScript in their work or career.

Along with the common HTML and CSS language, JavaScript is important for front-end web development. Popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube rely on JavaScript to create an interactive web pages that most public users rely on.

Since JavaScript is commonly known for front-end language, it can also be used on a server-side through Node.js which could build scalable network applications

Because JavaScript is easy-to-learn, has flexible syntax and works across all major browsers, it is one of the friendliest programming language for beginners.


Are you into the Apple Ecosystem and interested in creating an app for Apple products? If this is the case for you, then Swift is a good place to start.

Swift was announced by Apple in 2014. It is a relatively new programming language used to develops iOS and macOS applications so expect to have an active community to collaborate while learning.

Swift has focused and specialized for performance and built from scratch for modern iOS development. Not only you could program for iOS and macOS, you could also develop an application for watchOS and tvOS. Apple made this as their primary programming language for the Apple ecosystem.

If you do have an iPad, Apple created a free application called Swift Playgrounds that teach newbie developers through Swift programming; this can teach you the fundamentals of the language and give you the tools to learn the more complex concepts.


Python is one of the most common and user-friendly programming languages. Most people who started to learn Python said that the syntax is clear, intuitive, and close simulates using natural English language, which makes it popular choice for beginners.

Python has a very large variety of applications that makes it a powerful option when choosing the best programming language in any use case. If you are into back-end web development, Django is one open-source framework for Python, it is easy-to-learn and have many features. Django has been used on popular websites such as Instagram, Spotify and etc.

Python has been gained momentum in the fields of scientific computing, mathematics, and engineering. Packages such as NumPy and SciPy has been widely used by developers. Other Popular Python Libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and OpenCV has been used to build programs for Image Processing, Data Processing or Machine Learning.


C# (pronounced as C Sharp) is a general-purpose, object-oriented language built on the foundation of C and C++. It originally was developed and designed by Microsoft for its .NET framework for Windows applications.

C# uses a syntax similar to C languages such as C++, so it would be easy to learn if you have a background in C or C++. C# is not only for Microsoft app development but it could also be used for mobile developers on Xamarin platforms.

If you are interested in VR development it would be good to start learning C# as it is the recommended language for building 3D and 2D video games using the popular Unity game engine.


Scala combines the best features of Java since, with a modern twist, it is known as a cousin of Java – a classic programming language.

Scala allows developers to elevate the quality of their code to resemble pure math. It allows concurrent programming, complex procedures to be executed in parallel. Meaning, Scala is a functional programming language. Developers could create and customize their own data types, allowing them to eliminate the possibility of bugs at runtime.

Scala is commonly used for back-end functionality. One example of a tech company using Scala is Twitter for performance reasons in 2009 and it is one of the largest Scala programming language users.


Ruby is a scripting language commonly used for web development. It is used as the basis of the popular Ruby on Rail web application framework.

Beginners considers Ruby because of its reputation for having one of the friendliest and most helpful user communities, as many developers that use Ruby model their kind and considerate behavior after its chief inventor.

Ruby is a good language to learn since it has been associated with great tech businesses such as Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg and other startups built their websites using Ruby on Rails at some point.


Go programming language is one of the core programming languages favored by Google, it is a low-level language that is ideal for engineers who want to enter the field of systems programming. It has the same functionality of C and C++ without the complex syntax and steep learning curve. It is a perfect language for building web servers, data pipelines, and even machine-learning packages.

Since it is a compiled language, Go’s goal allows for blazing-fast runtime. Since it is an open-source language, many contributors are encouraged to further develop the programming language itself.

Go is used to implement components of larger projects where speed is of critical importance; one example is in 2014, Dropbox used Go programming language to improve the performance of its back end system.


Rust is still a “young” start-up programming language, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of learning. According to StackOverflow’s 2019 Survey, it was found out that Rust is one of the most loved programming language of the past 4 years.

Rust was developed by Mozilla Corporation, it is intended primarily for low-level systems programming like C and C++. Where Rust differs is in its speed is with its speed and security. Rust made it possible to prevent programs from accessing parts of memory that they shouldn’t, which could cause unexpected system crashes.

Companies such as Dropbox and Coursera are already starting to use it internally. While it may be more difficult to master than other languages, the skills are likely to pay off with high rewards as the language’s popularity continues to rise.

Where do I start?

When deciding on which programming language to pursue, it is important not to get swayed by flashy trends and popularity contests. The best programming languages for you to learn most likely have been considered the best for 2018 or 2019, but that would always be true since programming language evolve along technology as well.

Even though computer programming changes rapidly, the programming languages mentioned here have a great potential to be used continuously for many years to come.

When starting your road to coding, only you yourself can answer which is the best programming language to learn. Just make sure that your selection is based on your interests and the type of software development you want partake in.

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  1. This is a great article. As a computer programmer myself, I can vouch for these languages being very useful in the field.

  2. +1 for Python and Java.

    However, a classic approach to start programming is to start with C++ which will give you more of an idea about data types and their usage, memory allocation etc. In addition, native WinAPI apps written on C++ are extremely fast.

  3. Nice take on various software development languages and it is high time to pursue at least one language. thank you for the thought provoking article.

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