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Employees working in tech support to assist customers can often face a pressured and stressful situation; in these cases, having, the right set of tools will help your technical support be able to assist customers as efficiently as possible.

Because of the pace and automation of today’s technological world, customers will lose interest in your product and move to different competitor if your support is inadequate. But if your customer representative is always a chat, call, or email away, will they need the right software to organize requests and questions.

This is the list of tech support tools on the market that claim to make your team as efficient as possible. When faced with such a list of options, how would one know which to choose?

Since there are many tools to choose from, we have compiled a list of tools we recommend for your support team. Some tools have been already mentioned in the previous article: Must-Have Tools For Remote Work


Here is a tool that has been mentioned in the previous blog; Asana is a project organization tool with a clean interface. This allows teams to create projects and simplify team-based work management and manage project goals.

With Asana, it helps your support team track customer feedback. If a customer has an issue or recommendation, these requests can be gathered before escalating it to development; this can help them avoid missing out on important updates, and can tackle tasks and issues as soon they appear.



With Slack, you can have a private conversation with coworkers and save important or essential messages. Slack integrations keep your team from having to leave multiple tabs and apps open just to stay on top of customer communication.

Though Slack is not ideal for customer conversations, it can help enhance your team’s responsiveness and lets you connect your favorite apps and support solutions. Slack also has several phone support integrations so you can keep call insights, voicemail notifications conveniently in one place.



Jira is a great ticket system that help keeps your team organized. Since having bugs is a common issue with running a website especially for a SaaS business; it is inevitable that minor bugs are bound to occur from time to time. Jira is an ideal place to track and manage your fixes.

Jira gives your support team the ability to track the progress of bug fixes and create tickets for feature requests.


Remote support team often face the issue of having to repeat common fixes to issues, which can become tedious and frustrating.  Having a canned message response can help make the process faster, but with Typinator, it takes efficiency a step further.

Once Typinator has been configured to your preferences, it can run silently in the background to wait for your written commands. By simply creating a few keywords, you can quickly generate a template for automated messages, which will greatly speed up the process of typing frequently used phrases.


With live tech support, grammar and spelling is of the upmost importance; a simple comma misplacement could change the whole meaning of an email and could lead to confusion. Writing an article with bad grammar and spelling could even hinder the integrity of that article.

In sales and email support, bad grammar could lead to the customer being confused and frustrated. Customers want prompt answers, which means tech support is always under pressure to deliver timeous, efficient, and correct information. Not all people are good writers with a strong command of vocabulary, so Grammarly can be a big help.


Feedback is an important factor to strengthen a business’ service. This is a form of having your customer be able to give comments or suggestions on your product or to evaluate how well the tech support team handled their concerns.

Satisfaction surveys are the most common way to receive constructive feedback and learn what is valuable to your customer. Since surveys consume times for customers, it would be good to use a survey specialist like SurveyMonkey.

With SurveyMonkey, it can relay results in very easy-to-read graphs and lets you view surveys via email, web, or even social media. The software can be customized to your preferences and add your company logo.


Tech support teams sometimes need to take matters into their own hands; particularly an issue is too difficult to explain especially for those non-tech-savvy customers. AeroAdmin lets you access the customer’s computer and fix technical issues without having to install any program on your client’s computer. You only need to let them download the standalone file and everything is good to go.

AeroAdmin is remote support software that is easy-to-use and cuts down the technical skill required on your customer’s end. Since AeroAdmin is secured, you could only access the client’s computer if given permission, or if you are whitelisted on the user’s access rights.


Remote support usually includes FAQs and knowledge base forums. Having an information-rich library of information about your products is valuable to your customer relationships.

It would be best that your customer support has the same level of knowledge among all of your employees. A knowledge base reduces misinformation not only amongst the team, but also all eliminates the possibility of employees who are feeling unable to accurately respond to customer requests.

2 Replies to “Tech Support Tools To Strengthen Any Business”

  1. Awesome collection.
    1. osTicket is a marvelous system, I just adore it. I never tried Jira, but I guess osTicket can track tasks and the progress of each task quite efficiently.

    2. AeroAdmin is a must of course 🙂
    3. Any benefits of using slack rather than Skype?

  2. Our team is using Slack as an employee-only chat/call system as Slack offers a very good way to keep message and have some automated integrations. Though Skype is good if you do have outgoing/incoming calls.

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